Monday, June 21, 2010

Personalized College Preparation Strategies

Make the college preparation and application process easier with professional assistance from College Consultants of South Carolina. With 27 years experience in the college admissions process and the most up-to-date knowledge of college application requirements, we help students and parents develop personalized strategies for success. We assist students from eighth grade through the senior year of high school plan for and find colleges that fit.

Your goal is our top priority. When you work with us, you receive insightful, current information focused on your individual needs. We will help you choose a school that fits your objectives and create a plan for educational achievement.

Strategies targeted to your specific situation:
  • Searching/Choosing and Applying for Colleges – Let our experts help you narrow down your choices based on your wants, needs and goals, and then guide you through the selection and application process.
  • Curriculum Choices – Gain valuable information about courses that meet admissions requirements at the schools you’re interested in attending.
  • Scholarships - We help you identify opportunities and guide you through the application and interview process. Let us help you position yourself for merit-based scholarships. Let us work with you to develop the skills needed to find and win scholarships.
  • Student Athletes – Receive assistance in determining proper course selection to meet admissions and athletic scholarship requirements, and advice about academic standards for obtaining those scholarships.
  • Flexible Options – Choose the option that meets your needs: individual meetings or a full-service program.
Take advantage of our expertise to make your college preparation, selection and application process easier and more organized. Contact College Consultants of South Carolina today